noVNC is both a VNC client JavaScript library as well as an application built on top of that library. noVNC runs well in any modern browser including mobile browsers (iOS and Android). Essentially, noVNC allows the web browser to act as a VNC client to remotely access a machine.

The noVNC client is a html5 page with javascript which talks to websocket server

NoVNC (HTML5 VNC Client) is an open-source web-based client for accessing VNC (Virtual Network Computing) servers using a web browser. It allows users to connect to remote servers and control their desktops and applications without the need for a dedicated VNC viewer application.

NoVNC uses HTML5 and JavaScript to provide a lightweight and platform-independent client for VNC servers. It does not require any plugins or additional software to be installed on the client device, making it easy to use and accessible from a wide range of devices and operating systems.

The platform includes a variety of features to enhance the user experience, including support for multiple VNC connections, encryption and authentication, and a variety of display options, such as scaling and resizing.

NoVNC can be used in a variety of scenarios, including remote desktop access, system administration, and application support. It is highly customizable and can be integrated with other open-source and proprietary tools, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for accessing VNC servers from a web browser.

Overall, NoVNC is a powerful and easy-to-use web-based client for accessing VNC servers, providing a convenient and flexible solution for remote desktop access and system administration. Its open-source nature and extensive feature set make it a popular choice for a wide range of users and applications.