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What Is OpenQRM?

openQRM has a key leading technology that sets it apart from the rest. The Diskless Boot. This feature means that any servers and applications are booted WITHOUT a hard disk! This has many advantages; faster boot times, longer uptimes, and much more cost-effective.

What Can I Use With OpenQRM?

openQRM is designed to be compatible with almost all major cloud services (it’s an expanding list). The platform has a modular infrastructure, having its functions and compatibilities provisioned by plugins!

How Do I Use OpenQRM?

openQRM has many features and many ways to use them. To help users understand it, we offer How-Tos and Tutorials! You can find them on our WikiYouTube Channel and Community Forum.


Plans & Pricing



The open-source community version

  • Limited Plugin Library Access
  • openQRM Community Support
  • Semi-Frequent Updates
  • Open-Source 100%

Special Offer

The commercial enterprise version

  • Full Plugin Library Access
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Stable Releases
  • Commerical Open-Source 100%
  • Solution Desgn and Deploy