Enterprise Edition

openQRM Enterprise Edition is a commercially backed, extended product for professional users offering reliable support options and additional features.

Increased automation & flexibility – Easily extend your data-centre capacity by shifting load to Amazon AWS EC2, Azure, etc.

Complete Automated Workflow Engine – Receive flexibility and a centralised management UI made for IT process management in the data centre & cloud.

Enterprise Edition Features:

  • Bare-Metal & VM Deployment.
  • Fully automated Configuration Management and Application deployment with Puppet.
  • Nagios and Collectd monitoring and documentation included.
  • Storage Plugins – Integrates with major open-source and commercial storage technologies.
  • Automatically manage IP-Addresses for the openQRM managed network.
  • Integrates existing, local-installed Servers into openQRM (Includes Remote Server).
  • 1-year minor & security updates included.

Full Plugin Overview
openQRM Enterprise Datasheet V5

Plugin Functionality

Flexible openQRM Enterprise – Manage, Automate, Provide IT Services

openQRM Enterprise has a holistic approach to IT-Administration and is built for easy customisation. Ideal for Production Environments, R&D, and QA.