Community Edition
Private/ Hybrid Cloud and Data Center management to efficiently provide services to internal and external customers.
The openQRM 5.3.40 Community Edition is the ideal free & open-source way of managing your small set-up.

More than 400,000 Downloads – With over 400,000 downloads, the popular openQRM Community Release is a free, fully open-source project sponsored by OPENQRM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD and licensed under the GPLv2, also hosted on sourceforge.net.

openQRM 5.3.40 Community Release – The openQRM 5.3.40 Community Release includes updated dependencies to ensure compatibility with the latest Linux Distributions. There is also an enhanced check for PHP versions in place, as well as full support for PHP 7.

All openQRM Community downloads are subject to the GNU General Public License (GPL v2).

*openQRM 5.3.40 was tested on: Debian 8/9/10, Ubuntu 16.x + 17.x and Centos 7.

Community Edition Features:

  • Bare-Metal & VM Deployment.
  • Fully automated Configuration Management and Application deployment with Puppet.
  • Nagios and Collectd monitoring and documentation included.
  • Storage Plugins – Integrates with major open-source and commercial storage technologies.
  • Automatically manage IP-Addresses for the openQRM managed network.
  • Integrates existing, local-installed Servers into openQRM (Includes Remote Server).
Full compatibility with official openQRM Plugins and Support is available only for the Enterprise Edition.

Full Plugin Overview
openQRM Enterprise Datasheet V5

Getting involved in the openQRM Project

openQRM is an open-source software project where anyone can participate. Whether you want to discuss and share ideas, or wish to share bug fixes, feature enhancements, or translations you have made – the openQRM Community is open for you to join in! The openQRM Community is a place to exchange ideas with users in many countries around the world.

Communicate, share ideas and source code, and enjoy talking to people that are building the future of Open-Source Cloud Computing. Any help is greatly appreciated and honourably mentioned.

Come visit the sourceforge.net project page and say Hello – or contact the openQRM Enterprise Team directly.

We request anyone who wants to commit source code or assets to the openQRM codebase to sign a straight-forward Contributor’s License Agreement (CLA). This is to ensure the availability of all bugfixes and enhancements from third-party developers to the Community Edition, while still being able to incorporate all that great new functionality into the commercially licensed Enterprise Edition, no hidden strings attached, please contact us and we will forward you the document.

openQRM Community Edition Plug-In Overview

The openQRM Community Edition includes a wide range of plug-ins with basic functionality for data-centre management. Additional plug-ins are not available for the Community Edition.

CloudCloudBasic openQRM Cloud front-end for Private CloudIncluded
DeploymentLinux COEAutomated provisioning and lifecycle support of Linux systems.Included
DeploymentpuppetIntegrates Puppet for fully automated Configuration Management and Application deployment.Included
ManagementNoVNCIntegrates NoVNC providing a remote web-console for Virtual Machines and Physical Systems.Included
ManagementsshtermIntegrates WebShell providing a secure login to the openQRM-server and the managed resources through the Web-interface.Included
Misc.developmentAPI Documentation for your own Plugin-Development.Included
NetworkdhcpdAutomatically manages IP-Addresses for the openQRM managed network.Included
NetworkDNSAutomatically manage the DNS Service for the openQRM managed network.Included
NetworkTFTPDAutomatically managed the TFTP server providing the pxe/TFTPD network-deployment environment (in combination with the dhcpd-plugin).Included
Storageaoe-storageIntegrates AOE (ATA over Ethernet) as Storage technology (network-deployment).Included
StorageISCSI-storageIntegrates iSCSI Enterprise Target as Storage technology (network-deployment).Included
Storagelvm-storageNetwork-deployment. Integrates LVM2 with NFS/iSCSI/AOE as Storage technology.Included
StorageNFS-storageIntegrates NFS as Storage technology (network-deployment).Included
Storagesanboot-storageNetwork-deployment. Integrates gPXE to boot Windows Systems directly from an iSCSI or AOE SANIncluded
Storagetmpfs-storageNetwork-deployment. Deploys Physical Systems and Virtual Machines ‘in-Memory’.Included
VirtualizationKVMSupport and connector for KVM virtualization technology.Profit from the technical benefits of KVM like hardware support, memory support, and a high-security level all at the lowest ongoing cost. Link to openQRM Enterprise KVM HowToIncluded

Link to Full Plug-In Overview

Using openQRM Community Edition requires the users to agree to the GNU General Public Licence Version 3.