Automatic High-Availability for Appliances. HA for Servers deployed by openQRM is a built-in feature. openQRMs architecture is designed for High-Availability on the infrastructure level.

Automatic High-Availability for Appliances

With openQRM, high-availability is designed into the architecture at the infrastructure level, providing a resilient and fault-tolerant environment. The platform provides automatic failover and load balancing capabilities, ensuring that services remain available even in the event of hardware or software failures.

Additionally, openQRM supports various virtualization technologies, such as VMware and KVM, which can further enhance the high-availability capabilities of the platform. By deploying virtual machines on highly available virtualization hosts, administrators can ensure that critical services are always available and can easily be migrated to different hosts in case of failure.

Link to Video Webinar HA for Bare Metal and VMs on Infrastructure Level with openQRM Enterprise