Edition Comparison

Edition Comparision

When it comes to comparing editions of a particular product, it’s important to consider the specific context and the product in question. However, I can provide a general overview of how edition comparisons are typically approached.

Edition comparisons are commonly used in software, books, and other products to differentiate between different versions or variations of the same product.

Group Plug-In Functionality Community Enterprise
Cloud Autoscale A plugin that can automatically adjust the number of virtual machines (VMs) running in a cloud environment based on the current workload.
Cloud Cloud Basic openQRM Cloud front-end for Private Cloud.
Cloud Cloud Marketplace Enables you to connect applications directly to the corresponding infrastructure via openQRM Enterprise.
Cloud Cloud Zones Allows for managing multiple data center locations and splitting of openQRM Clouds into logical zones for better organisation and management.
Cloud Hybrid-Cloud On-demand resource scaling, cost savings by integrating private and public cloud for non-critical workloads.
Cloud Magento Allows you to connect Magento E-commerce to your openQRM-Cloud for the purpose of end user purchase of resource units.
Cloud Mantis Connects Mantis BugTracker to openQRM-Cloud.
Container Docker Support for Docker containers for easy deployment and management.
Deployment Android Automated Android OS deployment with openQRM IAAS Cloud.
Deployment ATU Easy way to select hardward and software components for efficient server operation and deploying necessary applications and services.
Deployment AWS EC2 The AWS EC2 plugin allows the setup and run private clouds on Amazon EC2 with openQRM.
Deployment Cobbler Cobbler is an open-source installation server for managing Linux-based servers. This plugin provides automation capabilities and integrates with other configuration management tools.
Deployment Clonezilla Allows you to create and deploy disk images without user intervention.
Deployment ESXi Bulk Install Fully automated VMWare ESX installation on bare metal with openQRM.
Deployment Esxinstall A software tool used to install and configure the VMware ESXi hypervisor. It is designed to simplify the installation process and reduce the time it takes to deploy ESXi in enterprise environments.
Deployment FAI FAI, or Fully Automatic Installation, is an open-source tool for automating the installation, configuration and deployment of Linux-based operating systems.
Deployment Image Shelf The Image Shelf plugin is a tool used to manage pre-configured server images that can be used to quickly and easily deploy new servers.
Deployment Linux COE Automated provisioning and lifecycle support of Linux systems.
Deployment OPSI A tool used to manage software distribution and configuration of client computers. It enables users to deploy software packages to client computers and configure them according to specific requirements.
Deployment OpenStack Enables users to deploy and manage virtual machines and other cloud resources on OpenStack cloud operating system.
Deployment Puppet Integrates Puppet for fully automated Configuration Management and Application deployment.
Deployment Windows Windows operating system can be deployed using openQRM by creating a pre-configured Windows image and then using this image to deploy new instances of Windows.
Management Device Manager A tool for system administrators, providing a central interface to manage and monitor devices. It detects issues, offers guidance, and enables real-time monitoring of performance metrics.
Management Event-Mailer Sends customisable email notifications for system events, offering monitoring, secure protocols, redundancy, and reporting for troubleshooting.