openQRM Enterprise Professional PoC

We help with consultation for your PoC set-up, planning and execution.


With our defined professional Proof of Concept, you'll receive at least 8 hours of remote support. A PoC is always a good way to test a new environment before migrating. Depending on the complexity of your use-case, or to ensure a defined time-line, we offer a professionally supported PoC.

We plan according to your needs, use-case and set-up. Contents and pricing may vary depending on the exact scope of the PoC. Our standard PoC, as featured below, is generally scheduled to stretch over several remote sessions over a time of 2-3 weeks.

  • Defined schedule
  • At least 6 hours of remote sessions & support
  • Introduction to openQRM Enterprise
  • Basis installation with KVM via openQRM
  • openQRM Enterprise Cloud
  • Automate: Bare-Metal & VM-Deployment
  • Automate: System- and Service-Monitoring
  • Automate: IP- and Network Management
  • Automate: IT Documentation
  • Automate: System- and Service-Monitoring
  • Flexible VM-Deployment


Please contact us for booking a professional PoC: openQRM Enterprise Contact