Hyperscalers OpenQRM Cloud Management Appliance

New Hyperscalers OpenQRM Cloud Management Appliance Now Available
Hyperscalers and OpenQRM IaaS appliance provide a platform to manage every private cloud service executing underneath. We set newfound delivery and operation standards for service providers all over the world.
With OpenQRM, private, public and community-cloud service providers can take advantage of seamless IaaS orchestration of network storage and compute resources; ease of manageability of own and 3rd party clouds through a single GUI. Compatibile with all major vendors including Microsoft, Redhat, MoxRox etc..

Hyperscalers is a worldwide distributor for Quanta Computer, specializing in servers and networking equipment’s in both Hyperscale and conventional ranges.

Hyperscalers goal is to create appliances with next generation software developers on Quanta hardware to bring the advantages of open source software and hardware together.

Quanta Computer: $40B; Fortune 500; 130K+ employee company; Makes 1 of 6 servers globally and makes 1 of 3 notebooks, globally).

OpenQRM orchestrates software, network, virtualization, monitoring and security implementations to deploy multi-tier services as virtual machines. These are created on distributed infrastructures to combine both data center resources and remote cloud resources according to allocation policies.
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openQRM software provides flexibility to allocate a remote storage, networking or compute resource to the existing infrastructure; enabling a seamless distributed model. openQRM manages to effectively bring together different technologies for physical systems, virtual systems and Clouds in one management interface.

With openQRM Enterprise, Sysadmins receive the flexibility and centralized management GUI perfect for IT process management in modern data centers.

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