openQRM Enterprise - Plug-In

The Bandwidth Monitoring plug-in provides:

Seamlessly gathers all specific interface and network statistics and presents them in a monthly performance metric. The bandwidth metering support in openQRM Enterprise works agent-less for physical systems and virtual machines and transparently integrates with your existing openQRM Enterprise infrastructure.

Offer IT-Services with exact monitoring of bandwidth & network usage and provide overviews to your system administrators. Simply offer VMs as a Cloud Product and let your internal & external customers directly choose the services they require.

 The Bandwidth plug-in also provides a Network Bandwidth cloud product for the openQRM Enterprise Cloud and supports cost allocation on behalf of the Cloud users network usage.

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Plug-In based professional Open-Source Data Centre and Cloud Management.

openQRM is based on a generic and consistent workflow architecture. The main concept behind this is that every action in openQRM is triggered by an event in openQRM and implemented by one or more plugins to actually apply the action for a specific technology or tool. That means that the responsibility for every command in openQRM is being handed over to one or more plugins which then actually do the work.

All workflows in openQRM are abstracted independent which underlying technology or tools are used.

Additional Plug-Ins are activated in the openQRM Plugin Manager and simply need to be started.

Additional Plug-Ins are only available for the Enterprise Edition.

Simply order additional Plug-Ins in the openQRM Enterprise web-shop.

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