openQRM Enterprise - Amazon Marketplace EC2 Edition


Extensive functionalities for your Amazon EC2 Infrastructure!

Your secure Cloud infrastructure on Amazon EC2. Full control for sys-admins through the openQRM Enterprise back-end. Simply let your users provision new servers with the self-service front-end and receive application stacks in minutes. Free 30-day trial license included.

openQRM Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud on your Amazon EC2 environment.

Your own dedicated Private Cloud on the Amazon EC2 infrastructure allows 100% Datacenter Automation. Utilize automated Cloud System Monitoring and transparent High-Availability.

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openQRM Enterprise Amazon Marketplace Edition Features:

  • VM Management.
  • Data Center Workflow Automation.
  • Monitoring and documentation included
  • Fully automated Application Deployment
  • Integrated billing system
  • Free 30 day trial license is included




Extra secure by dedicated Amazon VPC per User and fully automated Application Deployment and Configuration Management (Linux and Windows). A Self-service portal is included for internal or external customers. This offers an integrated billing system & real-time cost overviews, user statistics, and easy invoicing - even an integrated bug-tracker system to directly connect Cloud Users and Administrators. The interface is fully template-able and brand-able for your own Company.

A free 30-day trial license is included in the openQRM Enterprise Amazon Marketplace Edition. For follow-up licenses after your trial license has run out, please contact us or visit our shop (

Highly flexible Open Source Datacenter Management and IaaS Cloud Computing Software - Made in Germany.


openQRM Enterprise Amazon Marketplace Edition - Licencing

A free 30-day trial license is included. Follow-up licenses are available for continued use.

  • 1 month license: EUR 129,00 (monthly)
  • 6 month license: EUR 699,00 (Save EUR 75,00 compared to monthly license)
  • 12 month license: EUR 1299,00 (Save EUR 249,00 compared to monthly license)



openQRM Enterprise Amazon EC2 Edition Plug-In Overview

The following plug-ins are included in the openQRM Enterprise Amazon EC2 Edition:





Cloud Cloud Plug-In Manage your own Iaas PaaS SaaS Private/Public/ Hybrid Cloud with a self-service front-end and integrated billing system.
Cloud Magento Easily connect Magento e-commerce to openQRM Enterprise. Your digital commerce platform for your cloud-products.
Deployment AWS EC2 Plug-In MultiCloud Amazon support. Manage & automate EC2. Extend your IT infrastructure flexibly by integrating external capacities.
Deployment Ansible Plug-In Automated Configuration-Management with Ansible.
Deployment Clonezilla Plug-In Automatic disk-cloning with Clonezilla (local-deployment).
Deployment Puppet Plug-In Integrates Puppet for fully automated Configuration Management and Application deployment.
Deployment Windows Plug-In Support for the Windows Operating System in openQRM.
Container Docker Plug-In Support for managing Docker containers. Dev-Teams receive a secure collaboration possibility. Connect through the openQRM IaaS Cloud and work consistently on the same code-base with your colleagues.
Documentation Idoit Plug-In Automatic System Documentation (CMDB) with I-doit.
High-Availability High-Availability Plug-In Automatic High-Availability for Appliances. HA for Servers deployed by openQRM is a built-in feature. openQRM's architecture is designed for High-Availability on the infrastructure level.
Management LCMC Plug-In Integrates LCMC (Linux Cluster Management Console) to manage Service-High availability.
Management LDAP Plug-In Central user management and authentication with LDAP/Active Directory (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).
Management NoVNC Plug-In Integrates NoVNC providing a remote web-console for Virtual Machines and Physical Systems.
Management Role Administration Plug-In Role-administration provides permission management for openQRM Administrator User-groups.
Management SSHTERM Plug-In Integrates WebShell providing secure login to the openQRM-server and the managed resources through the Web-interface.
Misc. Development Plug-In API Documentation for your own Plugin-Development.
Misc. Event-Mailer Plug-In Configure and triggers event emails. Notification of critical event by email.
Misc. Local-Server Plug-In Integrates existing local-installed Servers into openQRM (Includes Remote Server).
Misc. Support Plug-In Support by openQRM Enterprise.
Misc. Template Plug-In A Template for Plugin-Development providing a complete Skeleton for your own new Plugin.
Monitoring Collectd - Nagios3 Plug-In Monitor systems with Collectd providing long-term statistics and graphs. Automated systems and service monitoring.
Network DHCPD Plug-In Automatically manages IP-Addresses for the openQRM managed network.
Network DNS Plug-In Automatically manage the DNS Service for the openQRM managed network.
Network IP-Management Plug-In Network-management for the Appliances public IP-addresses.
Network Network-Manager Plug-In A Network-manager to preconfigure network-bridges.
Storage AOE-Storage Plug-In Integrates AOE (ATA over Ethernet) as Storage technology (network-deployment).
Storage ISCSI-Storage Plug-In Integrates iSCSI Enterprise Target as Storage technology (network-deployment).
Storage LVM-Storage Plug-In Network-deployment. Integrates LVM2 with NFS/iSCSI/AOE as Storage technology.
Storage NFS-Storage Plug-In Integrates NFS as Storage technology (network-deployment).
Storage Sanboot-Storage Plug-In Network-deployment. Integrates gPXE to boot Windows Systems directly from an iSCSI or AOE SAN
Storage TMPFS-Storage Plug-In Network-deployment. Deploys Physical Systems and Virtual Machines 'in-Memory'.