openQRM Enterprise - Amazon Marketplace EC2 Edition


Extensive functionalities for your Amazon EC2 Infrastructure!

Your secure Cloud infrastructure on Amazon EC2. Full control for sys-admins through the openQRM Enterprise back-end. Simply let your users provision new servers with the self-service front-end and receive application stacks in minutes. Free 30-day trial license included.

openQRM Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud on your Amazon EC2 environment.

Your own dedicated Private Cloud on the Amazon EC2 infrastructure allows 100% Datacenter Automation. Utilize automated Cloud System Monitoring and transparent High-Availability.

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openQRM Enterprise Amazon Marketplace Edition Features:

  • VM Management.
  • Data Center Workflow Automation.
  • Monitoring and documentation included
  • Fully automated Application Deployment
  • Integrated billing system
  • Free 30 day trial license is included




Extra secure by dedicated Amazon VPC per User and fully automated Application Deployment and Configuration Management (Linux and Windows). A Self-service portal is included for internal or external customers. This offers an integrated billing system & real-time cost overviews, user statistics, and easy invoicing - even an integrated bug-tracker system to directly connect Cloud Users and Administrators. The interface is fully template-able and brand-able for your own Company.

A free 30-day trial license is included in the openQRM Enterprise Amazon Marketplace Edition. For follow-up licenses after your trial license has run out, please contact us or visit our shop (

Highly flexible Open Source Datacenter Management and IaaS Cloud Computing Software - Made in Germany.


openQRM Enterprise Amazon Marketplace Edition - Licencing

A free 30-day trial license is included. Follow-up licenses are available for continued use.

  • 1 month license: EUR 129,00 (monthly)
  • 6 month license: EUR 699,00 (Save EUR 75,00 compared to monthly license)
  • 12 month license: EUR 1299,00 (Save EUR 249,00 compared to monthly license)



openQRM Enterprise Amazon EC2 Edition Plug-In Overview

The following plug-ins are included in the openQRM Enterprise Amazon EC2 Edition:





Cloud Cloud Plug-In Manage your own Iaas PaaS SaaS Private/Public/ Hybrid Cloud with a self-service front-end and integrated billing system.
Cloud Magento Easily connect Magento e-commerce to openQRM Enterprise. Your digital commerce platform for your cloud-products.
Deployment AWS EC2 Plug-In MultiCloud Amazon support. Manage & automate EC2. Extend your IT infrastructure flexibly by integrating external capacities.
Deployment Ansible Plug-In Automated Configuration-Management with Ansible.
Deployment Clonezilla Plug-In Automatic disk-cloning with Clonezilla (local-deployment).
Deployment Puppet Plug-In Integrates Puppet for fully automated Configuration Management and Application deployment.
Deployment Windows Plug-In Support for the Windows Operating System in openQRM.
Container Docker Plug-In Support for managing Docker containers. Dev-Teams receive a secure collaboration possibility. Connect through the openQRM IaaS Cloud and work consistently on the same code-base with your colleagues.
Documentation Idoit Plug-In Automatic System Documentation (CMDB) with I-doit.
High-Availability High-Availability Plug-In Automatic High-Availability for Appliances. HA for Servers deployed by openQRM is a built-in feature. openQRM's architecture is designed for High-Availability on the infrastructure level.
Management LCMC Plug-In Integrates LCMC (Linux Cluster Management Console) to manage Service-High availability.
Management LDAP Plug-In Central user management and authentication with LDAP/Active Directory (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).
Management NoVNC Plug-In Integrates NoVNC providing a remote web-console for Virtual Machines and Physical Systems.
Management Role Administration Plug-In Role-administration provides permission management for openQRM Administrator User-groups.
Management SSHTERM Plug-In Integrates WebShell providing secure login to the openQRM-server and the managed resources through the Web-interface.
Misc. Development Plug-In API Documentation for your own Plugin-Development.
Misc. Event-Mailer Plug-In Configure and triggers event emails. Notification of critical event by email.
Misc. Local-Server Plug-In Integrates existing local-installed Servers into openQRM (Includes Remote Server).
Misc. Support Plug-In Support by openQRM Enterprise.
Misc. Template Plug-In A Template for Plugin-Development providing a complete Skeleton for your own new Plugin.
Monitoring Collectd - Nagios3 Plug-In Monitor systems with Collectd providing long-term statistics and graphs. Automated systems and service monitoring.
Network DHCPD Plug-In Automatically manages IP-Addresses for the openQRM managed network.
Network DNS Plug-In Automatically manage the DNS Service for the openQRM managed network.
Network IP-Management Plug-In Network-management for the Appliances public IP-addresses.
Network Network-Manager Plug-In A Network-manager to preconfigure network-bridges.
Storage AOE-Storage Plug-In Integrates AOE (ATA over Ethernet) as Storage technology (network-deployment).
Storage ISCSI-Storage Plug-In Integrates iSCSI Enterprise Target as Storage technology (network-deployment).
Storage LVM-Storage Plug-In Network-deployment. Integrates LVM2 with NFS/iSCSI/AOE as Storage technology.
Storage NFS-Storage Plug-In Integrates NFS as Storage technology (network-deployment).
Storage Sanboot-Storage Plug-In Network-deployment. Integrates gPXE to boot Windows Systems directly from an iSCSI or AOE SAN
Storage TMPFS-Storage Plug-In Network-deployment. Deploys Physical Systems and Virtual Machines 'in-Memory'.



3 Software Editions and over 50 Plug-Ins Available


openQRM Community - Community Edition

The new openQRM 5.3 Community Edition is the ideal free & open source way of managing your small set-up. openQRM Community Release is often used for simple commercial or educational use-cases...


openQRM Enterprise Enterprise Edition

Set up, automate, manage. Go for higher efficiency and flexibility! The openQRM Enterprise Edition offers you extensive management, automation, and monitoring possibilities for Cloud and Data Center...

Hyperscalers OpenQRM Cloud Management Appliance

Hyperscalers and OpenQRM IaaS Appliance provide a platform to manage & automate private cloud services executing underneath.


Hyperscalers is a worldwide distributor for Quanta Computer, specializing in servers and networking equipment in both Hyperscale and conventional ranges. Seamless IaaS - Orchestration platform - Manage inhouse and 3rd party cloud infrastructure from a single interface.


Orchestrate Data Center & Cloud

OpenQRM orchestrates software, network, virtualization, monitoring, and security implementations to deploy multi-tier services as virtual machines. These are created on distributed infrastructures to combine both data centre resources and remote cloud resources according to allocation policies.


Separation of Hardware from Software

Allows live migration over systems. The hardware is treated as a separate, replaceable computing resource without the need to reconfigure the software. The software provides flexibility to allocate remote storage, networking, or compute resources to the existing infrastructure; enabling a seamless distributed model.

Link to Hypersclaers Website: Hyperscalers openQRM Cloud Management Appliance