About openQRM Enterprise


openQRM Enterprise GmbH is the company behind the openQRM Data Center Management and Cloud Computing Platform. We provide free Community and commercially licensed Enterprise Editions. We offer professional services and long-term support with first hand competence.

With our pool of experience in managing data centers in a flexible, consistent and transparent way, openQRM Enterprise GmbH enables IT organizations to efficiently provide their IT services in a robust, standardized, high-performance and high-available way. openQRM Enterprise GmbH consolidates the technical competence of the core members and developers of the openQRM Project.

We supply expert knowledge for custom, sustainable datacenter setups and best-practice approaches. Our focus is to create Cloud Computing and Datacenter Management innovations, develop excellent products and solutions and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for IT departments using our proven open source framework openQRM.

Cloud Computing Software - Made in Germany

Powerful management, monitoring, reporting and billing open source data center management and IaaS cloud computing.