openQRM Enterprise for Managers

openQRM Enterprise for Managers

Managers need up-to-date information on the performance of the company's IT infrastructure. Important aspects are keeping up with SLAs and making sure that system capacity, power consumption and financial processes are always aligned with the business goals.

openQRM provides automatic statistics and graphs, monitoring and SLA reporting, billing and much more to fulfil these needs.

Keeping track of a fast moving target like a modern corporate datacenter can be a tough job.

openQRM jumps in with automation and a comprehesive overview.

It makes sure monitoring, billing and reporting stay in sync with your datacenter's reality.

Save Costs

Provide IT services in a robust, standardized, high-performance and high-available way. Easily lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your IT using our proven open source framework openQRM.

Your Admins gain more time and can also ensure compliance through automation and standardization. Keep track of budgets and revenue with the comprehensive Billing overview with interface to SAP, etc.

Powerful management, monitoring, reporting and billing. openQRM Enterprise is lean, flexible ande xtensible.

Integrations with the best Open-Source System Management tools
  • Gather system performance stats and "pretty" graphs automatically with collectd.
  • Fulfill compliance requirements. Automatic book-keeping of all datacenter objects and events in a CMDB system.
  • Authentication - Authenticate user and admin logins with central LDAP/Active Directory systems.
  • Role Administration - fine-granular user permission management system.
  • Internal biling and eCommerce integration - Let your IT become a service delivery center.

Even Manage Multiple Datacenter Locations with openQRM

(Some of the...) openQRM Enterprise integrations

openQRMs plug-in based structure allows for the greatest flexibility. We develop additional plug-ins for customers to ensure that services/ tools can be run with openQRM Enterprise.