Services overview

SLA & Support

openQRM Enterprise SLA Subscription with defined response time and support hours to rely on. Direct access to our professional services team by phone, Skype, e-mail

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Workshops & Training

openQRM Enterprise Workshops provides deep insight into the architecture, concepts, setup and management of openQRM. It enables system administrators to easily setup and maintain openQRM cloud installations.

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Plug-In Development

openQRMs plug-in based structure allows for the greatest flexibility. We develop additional plug-ins for customers to ensure that services/ tools can be run with openQRM Enterprise.

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Resources for your openQRM Enterprise Set-Up

Various How-To's, Videos, Presentations and Documentation for current and previous openQRM Enterprise Editions are available. Find step-by-step walkthroughs.
HowTo's and Documentation

HowTo's like the "openQRM Enterprise Admins Guide" are freely available for download. Get precise walkthroughs for various deployments, storage, etc.

HowTo's & Docs Requirements
Video Channel

Webinar recordings, conference videos and explanatory videos. The openQRM Enterprise Youtube Channel offers all our videos at one location.

Video Channel

Find conferences or product presentations. All presentations are easily availbale on our slideshare channel


Did you know?

openQRM helps you free resources, stay flexible, stay scaleable and away from vendor lock. Lower TCO & faster TTM

Get your Datacenter into the Cloud and become an IT Service Delivery Center

openQRM is a web-based open source datacenter management and cloud computing platform that integrates flexibly with existing components in enterprise datacenters.

First openQRM helps make your current IT-infrastructure more flexible - Independent of physical or virtual servers.

Then simply configure an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environment with openQRM.

Now you are able to let your users receive (self-service) virtual servers, applications, storage, workstations, etc. through your own openQRM Cloud Portal.

Also implement your own pay-as-you-go scenario using openQRMs full-featured cloud billing system. You can build your own Cloud, IaaS, PaaS and of course SaaS environment with openQRM.

Stay totally flexible and define your own use cases.

Latest Webinar Videos

Private Cloud & VMware vSphere with openQRM Enterprise (Part 2)

2nd Webinar with new functionalities. Learn how to 100% turn your VMware vSphere Environment into a Private Cloud with openQRM Enterprise. We combine Cloud VM deployment with all of openQRM's management functionalities. HA, monitoring, ip-management and much more are automatically also available for VMs. WEBINAR VIDEO AVAILABLE HERE.

Amazon EC2 MultiCloud with openQRM Enterprise.

Learn about fully automated AWS EC2 Hybrid Cloud orchestration with openQRM. This Webinar focuses on the extensive Amazon EC2 functionallity available through openQRM Enterprise. WEBINAR VIDEO AVAILABLE HERE.

Your flexible IT Infrastructure with openQRM.

Keeping track with industry standards requires a flexible IT infrastructure. openQRM makes this possible for you. Learn how to easily add new technologies as your requirements grow. Make your current IT-infrastructure more flexible - Independent of physical or virtual servers. WEBINAR VIDEO AVAILABLE HERE.

WMigration from ESXi to KVM with openQRM Enterprise

This Webinar shows a comparison and how swiftly and easily ESXi -KVM migration is accomplished with openQRM Enterprise. WEBINAR VIDEO AVAILABLE HERE.

Special Event

Linux Hotel Villa Germany - openQRM Workshops
Training: openQRM Cloud Computing - Efficient, Automated Data Center management and Cloud Computing
openQRM at Linux Hotel Germany

The workshop will provide a deep insight into the architecture of the openQRM cloud-computing platform. You will learn how to install, configure and administrate a private or public openQRM cloud.
Please check HERE for schedule & more information
Hi-tech in the hotel and nature in the private park - One of the most beautiful hotels in the "Ruhrgebiet"